Why daycare for dogs?

Fetch offers daycare to exercise and socialize your pets. A dogs personality can be heavily influenced by the amount of physical and mental incentive they get.

Many dog owners have to worry about their pets damaging the couch, carpets, having accidents in the house, or being bored. Dogs need exercise and attention daily, and that's the last thing parents need at the end of a long work day. Luckily while staying at Fetch, your pups will socialize with other dogs that are similar to their temperament, all while being in a safe environment and not eating away at your couch! After spending all day in doggie daycare, your dog will be calm, content, and ready to relax after a long day.

The main benefits daycares can provide are:

  • Relief from boredom
  • Relief from loneliness and the anxiety that loneliness can cause in dogs (including separation anxiety)
  • Socialization with people
  • Much-needed exercise and socialization with other dogs
  • Prevention of destructive behavior in the house when unsupervised
  • Relief from guilt for pet parents who feel badly about leaving their dogs home alone all day

Source:  https://www.aspca.org/


Full day:  $28
Half day:  $18

(Half day is anytime up to 5 hours)

Daycare Packages

5 full days:  $135
10 full days:  $250
20 full days:  $440
30 full days:  $630
*Half day packages available


24 hour personal care (please inquire for pricing)

**tax not included on the above prices

LOVE this place! Wish I had taken my rat terrier sooner. We had workers in the house, decided to give it a try. It was truly the best choice. Plus, my pup was exhausted the next day from playing all day long the day before. I would highly recommend! Great price too!
-April H.